Conference Program

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DAY 1 – 23 May 2013

9–9.25:                Registration/coffee break

9.25–9.30:           Introductory remarks: Antonio Cerella & Pradeep Passi (UCLan)

9.30–10.25          1st Keynote address: MICHAEL KIRWAN (Heythrop) (30 min)

René Girard’s Mimetic Theory: An ‘Anti-Political Theology’?

Discussant: Antonio Cerella (UCLan) (5 min) + Q&A (20 min)

Panel 1: Beyond Violence: Things Hidden since the Foundation of the Polis

 10.30 – 12.30 (20min x 4 + 40min Q&A)

Chair: Brian Rosebury (UCLan)

  • Arata Takeda (Chicago): Aristotle on Mimesis and Violence: Things Hidden since the Foundation of the Literary Theory
  • Paul M. Rogers (Cambridge): René Girard and Thomas Aquinas on Prophecy and the Purging of the Notion of Justice
  • Rosemary Durward (King’s College): Rivalry and its Anti-Dote in Charity: Implications of the Crucifixion for Wars and Rumours of Wars
  • Daniel Nunes Pereira (Fluminense, Brazil): The State as Imitatio Dei – Theogony, Cosmogony and Theosis

12.30 – 14.00:     Lunch Break

Panel 2: The Rise and Fall of Christianity: Modernity and Postmodernity

14.00 – 16.00 (20min x 4 + 40min Q&A)

Chair:  Martin O’Brien (UCLan)

  • Stéphane Marcireau (Poitiers): Christianity and the Rise of the Individual: A Girardian Account
  • Katrin Becker (Luxembourg): Christianity – Key or Obstacle to Intercultural Dialogue? A Comparison between Girard’s Theory of Mimetic Desire and Legendre’s Dogmatic Anthropology
  • Emanuele Antonelli (Turin): Girard and Postmodernity: Ontology of a Panic-Stricken Age
  • Harald Wydra (Cambridge): Spells of the Sacred in a Global World

16.00 – 16.30:     Coffee Break

Panel 3: Mimetic Theory and the Origins of Politics and Conflict

16.30 – 18.30 (20min x 4 + 40min Q&A)

Chair: Peter Lucas (UCLan)

  • William C. Wolf (Scranton, US): Hegel’s State and the Divinity of Violence: A Girardian Reading of the Philosophy of Right
  • Kent Enns (Humber College, Canada):  René Girard, Human Nature and Political Conflict
  • Margaret Denike (Dalhousie): The Sacrificial Politics of Race: Biopolitics of Security
  • Vern N. Redekop (Saint-Paul): Mimetic Structures of Violence and Blessing in Israel/Palestine



DAY 2 – 24 May 2013

9–9.30:                Registration/coffee break

9.30–10.25          2nd Keynote address: SCOTT M. THOMAS (Bath) (30 min)

                              Mimetic Theory and the Study of International Relations:        Theoretical Issues and Research Trajectories

                              Discussant: Harald Wydra (Cambridge) (5 min) + Q&A (20 min)

Panel 4: The ‘Mimetical’ and the ‘Political’: René Girard vs. Political Realism

10.30 – 12.30 (15min x5 + 45min Q&A)

Chair: Elisabetta Brighi (Cambridge)

  • Ernesto Gallo (Open): Unlikely Twins? Machiavelli and Girard on Violence and the Origins of the State
  • Márcio Meruje (IFP-UBI/FCT): The Aporia of Collective Violence: From Hobbes’s Contractualism to Girard’s Mimetic Rivalry
  • Jodok Troy (Innsbruck): Desire for Power or the Power of Desire? Mimetic Theory and the Hearth of 20th Century Realism
  • Andrea Salvatore (Sapienza – University of Rome): A ‘Theoretical Double’: Violence, Religion and Social Order in Girard and Schmitt
  • Antonio Cerella (UCLan): Until the End of the World: Girard, Schmitt and the Origins of Violence

12.30 – 14.00:     Lunch Break

Panel 5: Nuclear Deterrence, Security and the Meaning of Power

14.00 – 16.00 (20min x4 + 40min Q&A)

Chair: Jodok Troy (Innsbruck)

  • Anne I. Harrington (CNS): Mimetic Rivalry, Nuclear Weapons and the Struggle for Power
  • Naveed Sheikh (Keele): Towards a Mimetic Theory of Nonproliferation: Girard, the Post-Colonial Condition and the Meaning of the Bomb
  • Laura Schuurmans (Peking): Mimesis and Nuclear Deterrence: A Case Study of Iran and North Korea
  • Bianca Baggiarini (York, Canada): The Politics of Military Privatization and the Shifting Terrain of Sacrifice

16.00 – 16.30:     Coffee Break

Panel 6: Mimesis, Terrorism and Sacrifice

16.30 – 18.30 (20min x4 + 40min Q&A)

Chair: Antonio Cerella (UCLan)

  • Dzhamal Z. Mutagirov (Saint Petersburg): Modern Forms of Violence and Sacrifice
  • Viola Giuliano (Sussex): Religious Self-Sacrifice and Symbolic Violence: A Girardian Reading of Contemporary Suicide Terrorism
  • Elisabetta Brighi (Cambridge): The Mimetic Politics of Lone-Wolf Terrorism: A Girardian Approach
  • Hüseyin I. Cicek (Erlangen): A Mimetic Reading of al-Qaeda’s Messages

18.30 – 18.35:      Concluding remarks: Antonio Cerella (UCLan)

18.35 – 19.30:      Drinks


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